putting loose leaf tea in the BRU Maker One tea maker machine


While any tea lover might recognize the benefit of using great quality tea, the importance of using the right water temperature, water amount and steeping time often goes underappreciated, even though this has a big influence on the taste your tea will have in the end.

Mastering these factors can be a hassle and requires specific knowledge. But with the BRU Maker One, the tea making process gets automated to be as convenient and intuitive as possible, so that anybody, from absolute beginner to experienced tea connoisseur, can enjoy the best of tea. Moreover, it works with any kind of tea.

Bright picture of the BRU Maker One tea maker on a table with a cloth draped next to it.


When making a cup of tea by hand, the taste, intensity, bitterness, temperature… can vary from cup to cup. Often it is hard to put a finger on why it tastes different.

The BRU Maker One puts the control back in your hands. Save temperature, amount and steeping time settings to be consistent with every brewing cycle, so you can drink your tea just the way you like it. Every. Single. Time.

Sustainability: cups of tea standing in line


Tea is one of the most drunk beverages in the world, but people tend to boil twice as much water as they use, which is a significant waste of time, energy, water and money globally. The UK alone could be needlessly wasting around 3,500 tonnes of CO2 every day.

At BRU we bring a sustainability mindset to everything we do. The BRU Maker One only heats the amount of water needed for each cup of tea, at the temperature of your choosing - a smart solution that takes better care of our planet.

We want to drive sustainability within the industry and try to choose materials and products which are sustainable long term.