From beer to tea - establishing a brand from scratch

Beer and tea. True they are both up there in terms of being two of the most drunk beverages in the world - tea beating beer to number one (not counting water) - but it’s not a combination that usually springs to mind.

Filip Carlberg is successfully combining his vast experience of marketing in one of these industries with his passion for a start-up in the other.

What really inspired Filip to get into the tea-space, bringing all his drive and enthusiasm with him, was establishing a successful partnership with BRU Founder and CEO Bogdan Krinitchko. Filip is now co-founder and CMO of BRU, and he is on a mission to make BRU the gold standard in tea.

What is it like to go from working for established brands in the alcohol industry to an innovative start-up in the tea-space?

” One of the things I love about establishing BRU as a brand is that we bring innovation to the market, we disrupt habits that has been the same for decades – such an exciting and energising experience. Interest and knowledge in tea is growing, more people want to make healthy choices and experience premium quality. I feel driven to create an offering that provides the best tea making and drinking experience for our customers. Furthermore, the work we are doing is constantly pushing me outside my comfort zone which is demanding but amazingly rewarding.”

When Filip worked with larger companies he could certainly tap into bigger budgets and more collective experience, but one of the great things about being part of a start-up is that it pushes him to be more creative. “Because we are still small it allows us to be nimble. We have come up with many innovative solutions that are helping drive our business to launch in 2021, and grow beyond.”

Establishing a great team is crucial in any start-up. Filip is building relationships with individuals and businesses to establish BRU within the market. “We are working with many talented partners who are playing a big part in bringing our innovative concept to market; a great company working on our own online store, another helping to establish our social media strategy, which will play a big role in our promotions. Working together with influencers, media channels and PR will also be crucial in building our brand awareness. “

Would Filip go back to working for an already established brand, and avoid all the hassle of building up a new brand?

“With BRU I can bring my experience to create something that reflects the attributes I want to see in a premium brand – quality, consistency, convenience, innovation, transparency and sustainability - I wouldn’t give that up for anything!”

But how does Filip know the world needs BRU and its innovative tea brewer, the BRU Maker?

”There is no product on the market today which offers the convenience of a capsule machine with the quality of a manually brewed tea. No machine which allows you to brew one cup of tea at the push of a button. No other machine which combines these elements, provides automated cleaning and is part of the Internet of Things. “

Bring it on!

You can get in contact with Filip at:

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What our

customers say

Mark H.

We can hardly wait to get up so we can enjoy our tea. It has been interesting to follow the development of this machine.

Mia S.

I love tea and the BRU will make it easier for me to make it every day.

John D.

Awesome looking machine, will use it to make my favorite green tea.