Our favorite weird and wonderful tea facts - 2

1. Always use fresh water and boil it for the optimum time when making a cup of tea! BRU can help you set the right temperature and time for different type of tea you drink. Did you know if you reboil a kettle to make your cup of tea or leave the kettle boiling for too long this changes the chemical compounds to make your tea taste worse? When you reboil tea it depletes the levels of dissolved gasses making your cup of tea less flavorful. Therefore, using a BRU Maker One helps you to get the best tasting tea each time and is also more environmentally friendly - saving much more water than using a kettle. 

2. Did you know that steeping time is critical to the taste of your tea? Oolong and white tea require only 1-3 minutes of steeping, green tea requires around 3 minutes and herbal infusions taste best after 5-7 minutes of steeping. BRU can make the steeping process easy for you without the mess of using a kettle!

3. You won’t get a ‘’caffeine crash’’ whilst drinking tea and have more sustained energy levels thanks to the antioxidants present in each cup you drink which slow down your caffeine absorption.




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Our favorite weird and wonderful tea facts


We love helping you to make the perfect cup of tea with your BRU machine. As passionate tea drinkers ourselves, we also love learning about the latest tea trends, tea-related facts and exploring different teas to try! We’ve selected our favorite mind-blowing tea facts for you below which we will share each week - feel free to share and let us know the facts which you love the most! 

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We can hardly wait to get up so we can enjoy our tea. It has been interesting to follow the development of this machine.

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I love tea and the BRU will make it easier for me to make it every day.

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Awesome looking machine, will use it to make my favorite green tea.