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How does it work?

  • Add tea leaves (or a tea bag) and water;
  • Put a cup under the hot water spout;
  • Choose your type of tea and start the brewing cycle with one push of a button;
  • When the brewing time is up enjoy your delicious cup of tea.

Why is BRU so unique?

  • The BRU maker is not only a hot tea brewer. Our temperature control option allows you to make a cold brew tea in one click as well. Get warm and cozy with a book or refresh yourself with BRU tea on a hot summer day.

  • Our design offers a customized kettle which can stylishly adapt to the interior of your kitchen or office.

  • BRU controls time; flow; immersion and temperature to make sure your tea tastes perfect. Every. Single. Time.

What our

customers say

Mark H.

We can hardly wait to get up so we can enjoy our tea. It has been interesting to follow the development of this machine.

Mia S.

I love tea and the BRU will make it easier for me to make it every day.

Clara M.

I am more than happy to wait patiently for my BRU machines to arrive, but I'm starting to get excited at the current progress! Keep going BRU
team, the finish line is just around the bend!

Oskar L.

Excited to see the project come together!

John D.

Awesome looking machine, will use it to make my favorite green tea.

Everyone chooses BRU

Office tea maker

BRU is a great team player for your office. With the app control,  you can make sure the tea is ready for everyone right before the break, so you don’t waste your lunchtime on boiling water.

Tea maker machine for home

Bring the delicious world of tea into your home.

Restaurant tea machine

BRU maker is a sustainable option for your business. No need to waste gallons of hot wateron kettle-brewing. You could be more flexible with tea choices and save time for your baristas.

We are bringing

fun into tea-making

When we thought about how we could make our BRU maker even more convenient for people, the answer was easy. Make an app that not only controls the machine but teaches you more about tea making. You can find an informative tea library in our application that tells you more about different tea types. That way, you can discover new sorts you want to try and share with your family or friends.

We know it can take time and be a struggle to care for your kitchen appliances. That’s why with BRU, there is no need for maintenance, as we came up with the tea maker auto cleaning regime.

Why choose BRU?


Are you a tea lover that doesn’t like to go through all the hassle of tea-making? Because we are! And that’s why we created a one touch tea maker to do the job for us. Inspired by the capsule coffee and chai machines, but using actual tea, we came up with a game-changing device. The electric loose leaf tea maker has an auto-start button, gives you intensity-level options, and has a specialty tea setting—a smart solution for you to enjoy tea all day long.


When thinking about how to make your life even better, we came up with an app-control function. That way, you can program your smart tea brewerwhile you’re still in bed, busy with kids, on your way home, or simply stuck in a meeting. The app gives you control over temperature settings, the type of tea you prefer, and brewing time.


A BRU tea maker machineis a great way to decrease your water usage at the home, office, or restaurant. We’re using sustainable, long-lasting materials to create another BRU maker for you. All our teas are sourced from ETP ( Ethical Tea Partnership). ETP protects tea farmers to make sure they have an equal work environment.

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