U.S. Patent Granted! Our unfair advantage on road to success

We are thrilled to announce that yesterday, 6th of April, our US patent was granted. This was the last piece of the puzzle to protect our technology internationally.

When our Founder and CEO Bogdan Krinitchko first had the idea for the BRU Maker, he knew he was on to something unique and game-changing for the tea brewing market. As an experienced entrepreneur, he also knew that patents are essential in safeguarding the future of a start-up business. Dyson is a great example of a company whose hardware patents gave them such a unique or unfair advantage that it enabled them to be market-leaders with bagless vacuum cleaners for over two decades.

We have secured robust hardware patents in Europe, Eurasia, and the US, which cover our unique pinch valve technology inspired by the biotech industry. This technology is crucial for the cleaning function and the durability of our tea brewing machines.

Intellectual Property is a major component of what supports a start-up to achieve success, gives the venture an edge over its competitors immediately after it takes off, and helps it establish itself in the long run as well.

We knew the value of our idea and wanted to ensure that we had our IP protected right from the start, and as a hardware patent can cover it, we have been able to do that.

The BRU trademark is also registered globally, another key factor that will help us to distinguish our products and services from others in the marketplace.

Patents and trademarks are very important, as they not only protect our innovative technology and brand now, but also when we expand our market share in the future.

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What our

customers say

Mark H.

We can hardly wait to get up so we can enjoy our tea. It has been interesting to follow the development of this machine.

Mia S.

I love tea and the BRU will make it easier for me to make it every day.

John D.

Awesome looking machine, will use it to make my favorite green tea.