Our favorite weird and wonderful tea facts

Our favorite weird and wonderful tea facts

We love helping you to make the perfect cup of tea with your BRU machine. As passionate tea drinkers ourselves, we also love learning about the latest tea trends, tea-related facts and exploring different teas to try! We’ve selected our favorite mind-blowing tea facts for you below which we will share each week - feel free to share and let us know the facts which you love the most! 

1. Tea is the second most consumed drink on the planet after water! By 2025 the global consumption of tea is set to reach 7.4 billion kilograms! 

2. Do you know what the difference is between ‘’tea’’ and a ‘’tisane”? Did you know for tea to qualify as tea it has to contain leaves from the plant ‘’Camellia Sinensis’’ which is a species of the evergreen shrub. The leaves and buds are used to produce tea, rich in antioxidant polyphenols and caffeine - known to have many health benefits. A tisane refers to any plant-derived drink made from herbs, spices, flowers and leaves. We love making both tisanes and tea in our BRU machines!

3. All different types of tea such as green tea, oolong, darjeeling, white tea etc come from this same plant but differ in taste, aroma and appearance due to how they are processed. As tea leaves are picked they begin to oxidize so your white tea is much less oxidized than green tea and black tea (which is the most oxidized). The clue is in the color, with the most oxidized tea’s being the darkest!




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Our favorite weird and wonderful tea facts - 2

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