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Brewing made easy

If you like great cups of tea, but don’t have the time, skill or concentration to make them, then our tea maker machine is what you need.  The BRU Maker One takes all the guesswork out of tea brewing to get the best taste of tea, cup after cup.
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Convenient. Consistent. Sustainable.

With our professional tea maker, you can brew tea with one touch of a button. Easily adjust the brewing options, like steeping time and water temperature, for a perfect cup of tea every single time. Brew your tea more sustainably by only heating the amount of hot water that you need.
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Innovation, at last

Legend has it that the first cup of tea was accidentally created in 2737 BC by a servant of the Chinese emperor Shan Nung. In 1955 the first automatic electric kettle was introduced. Since then, there hasn’t been much innovation in the tea world. We’re still waiting for the water to boil, then waiting while our tea is steeping until we can remove our tea bag or loose leaf tea and finally enjoy our brewed cup.

With no great alternatives on the market, our founder Bogdan Krinitchko decided to develop the ultimate automatic tea brewer himself, and BRU was born.

Loads of features, great customizability

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Use any type of tea

While some tea brewers require tea capsules, The BRU Maker One works as a tea maker using tea bags as well as loose leaf tea. Moreover, it works with any brand of tea. This gives you the freedom to use your favourite types of tea.

Easy cleaning with the auto-cleaning function

The electric tea maker has a straightforward design that is easy to clean. Combined with the tea maker auto cleaning function that rinses the brewing chamber after every brewing cycle, there is no need to spend lots of time on cleaning.

Brew whenever you like with the timer function

Want to wake up with a freshly brewed cup of tea? Or brew tea later in the day? With the timer function you can set the brew time to whenever you want, and the tea maker machine will prepare your tea at that time.

Brew multiple amounts of tea in one go

The BRU Maker One can do more than brew one cup of tea at a time. The multi-steep function performs multiple brew cycles after another, allowing you to make larger amounts of tea or enjoy several infusions of the same tea.

Use as a hot tea brewer or a cold tea brewer

The BRU maker is not only a hot tea brewer. Our temperature controlled tea maker allows you to quickly cool down your tea by adding a bit of cold water. Add some ice and you will have instant iced tea.

Use as a hot water dispenser

Aside from being a tea maker or tea infuser, you can also use our customizable kettle as a hot water dispenser. Boiling water, hot water or just room-temperature water… easily adjust the water amount and temperature settings, and the BRU Maker One will deliver.


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How does the tea maker work?

With our professional tea maker, you just need to follow four easy steps to get your perfect cup of tea:
1. Add tea leaves (or a tea bag) and water;
2. Put a cup under the hot water spout;
3. Choose your type of tea and start the brewing cycle with one push of a button;
4. When the brewing time is up enjoy your delicious cup of tea.

Why choose an electrical tea maker?

For those who appreciate good quality tea, an automatic tea machine is as necessary as a coffee machine for coffee lovers.

Manual tea makers require advanced brewing skills to get a perfect cup of tea. With a tea maker machine, people with all different levels of knowledge about tea can make their tea at the right temperature, water amount and steeping time. And it will taste the same way every time.

A programmable automatic tea maker also offers you more flexibility. You can start the brewing cycle at the push of a button or set a timer for when you want it to start.

What makes the BRU Maker One the best tea machine?

Not all tea makers are created equally. The BRU Maker One has the convenience of a capsule machine , while still being a tea bag and loose leaf tea maker, so you are not tied to any brand of capsules.

Secondly, the flexibility is far greater than any other machine. For example, it has smart temperature control to adapt to your type of tea, where electric kettles and lots of other tea machines only boil at 100 °C/ 212 °F.

Lastly, most other machines require you to clean the whole kettle on the inside after each use. The BRU Maker One is easy to clean, with a simple design and auto cleaning function.

Combine this with many other features, high-quality materials and it’s easy to see why the BRU Maker One deserves a place in your home.

BRU tea maker app opened on a black smartphone laying on wooden table with laptop, pens and pink bloc note

Coming soon: The BRU app

Want to get more out of your BRU tea maker machine? Our BRU app is currently in development, and will provide you with many extra options for your smart tea brewer. Start a brew cycle or cleaning cycle, adjust your brewing options, choose temperature presets based on your type of tea, set a timer… all from your smartphone! The app also contains an informative tea library where you can learn all about tea.
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