How do I remove, clean and replace the silicone nozzle?

Wie kann ich die Silikondüse herausnehmen, reinigen oder ersetzen?

The silicone nozzle is the little black ‘spout’ from which your tea is served, sitting underneath your glass brewing chamber.  

We recommend cleaning the silicone nozzle once every month, if rinse is disabled we recommend to clean it more often.  

Step 1: to get to the silicone nozzle, make sure the tea sieve and glass brewing chamber are removed from the machine.  

Step 2: pull the silicone tab (this is the upper part of the silicone nozzle, oriented to the back side of the machine) upwards until the silicone nozzle detaches itself from the machine.  

Step 3: put the silicone nozzle in the dishwasher, or clean it by hand with warm water and a bit of dish soap, and dry with a dishcloth. In case of e replacement, also clean the new silicone nozzle before installing it.  

Step 4: put the silicone nozzle back in place. Make sure it is oriented the right way, with the silicone tab in the direction of the back of the machine. Then pull the bottom outstanding part of the nozzle down until you feel and hear it clicking into place. If your hands or the nozzle is wet, it might be difficult to pull it down. In that case you can use a paper towel to pull it down with.  

Step 5: Don’t forget to put the glass brewing chamber and tea sieve back in place before brewing again. 


What if your nozzle is damaged? 

The nozzle is made to last for a long time, however if your nozzle gets damaged anyway (for example a tear in the silicone) there will be spare parts available on our website soon.  

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