Setting up the machine

Einrichtung des Geräts BRU AG

You got your BRU Maker One, what now? Here is how to get started:

  • When you open the box, the user manual is on top. First, read all the safety warnings and instructions in the user manual. You can also download the user manual here. 
  • Carefully remove the BRU Maker one from its packaging. As we use recycled carton inserts to keep the machine in place, there might be some carton ‘dust’ on the machine. This is completely normal and the dust is easily removed with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Check if the product is undamaged and if all contents are in the box.
    • BRU Maker One Machine
    • Power cord (with the right outlet for your home country)
    • Water tank
    • Water tank lid
    • Tea sieve
    • Tea sieve lid
    • Glass brewing chamber: there is a smaller section of cardboard inserts wrapped with tape in the box. This contains the glass brewing chamber. Handle witch care. To open, put the cardboard insert on a flat surface and carefully cut open the tape.
    • Silicone nozzle (already installed)
    • Magnetic drip tray
    • Drip tray plate
    • Reset pin
    • User manual

If any of these parts are damaged or missing, please contact customer services.

  • Remove the water tank and the water tank lid from the machine by sliding it upwards.
  • Rinse the water tank, water tank lid, tea sieve, tea sieve lid and glass brewing chamber with fresh water and let dry, or dry with a cloth.
  • Put the BRU Maker One on a flat and stable surface.
  • Carefully tilt your BRU Maker One until you can attach the power cord on the bottom. Arrange the power cord in the power cord storage at the length you like.
  • Check if the silicone nozzle is installed properly by gently pulling on it from the bottom part that sticks out of the machine. If it feels like it won’t move, you’re good to go.
  • Open the machine lid and put the glass brewing chamber, tea sieve and tea sieve lid in place. Close the lid.
  • Fill the water tank with clean water and slide it back in place. Put the lid back on. Make sure the top is aligned. If that is not the case, push the water tank and water tank lid further down.
  • Attach the magnetic drip tray (with the drip tray plate on it) and put a cup on it.
  • Plug the machine in an outlet.
  • We will now do a brewing cycle without tea, to do a last rinsing of the machine before use:
    • Wait when the ‘hello BRU’- screen appears until you get this screen:
    • Turn the main button to the right until you get to the ‘dispenser’ screen:
    • Press the left button to select SETUP.
    • Set the water temperature to ‘max’ by turning the main button to the right. Press NEXT.
    • Set the water amount to 100 ml by turning the main button. Press NEXT.
    • Press START.
    • The machine will dispense hot water into the cup. Do not drink it.
  • Turn the main button to the left until you get back to the main menu. Your BRU Maker One is now ready to start brewing!

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