Drink tea sustainably - save water, energy & money with the BRU tea maker!

Drink tea the sustainable way - save water and energy with BRU! BRU AG

As being environmentally conscious plays an increasingly important role, it's crucial to consider the impact of our daily habits. Including the way we enjoy one of the world's most popular drinks - tea. A staggering statistic underlines the need for change: in the EU alone, an estimated 145.2 million kettles are in use, with 65-71% of users regularly boiling more water than necessary. This habit, which is particularly prevalent in the UK, results in twice as much water being boiled as is needed, leading to unnecessary emissions of around 3,525 tons of CO2 in just one day in the UK.


This unnecessary increase in energy consumption puts a strain on our energy resources and contributes to global CO2 emissions. Heating twice the amount of water needed increases the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of tea by an alarming 76%. As tea is one of the most consumed hot beverages in the world, heating unnecessary amounts of water is an (avoidable) global problem. There is an opportunity to save millions of tons of CO2 every year without much effort.


This is where the BRU Maker One tea maker comes in, our groundbreaking innovation in the world of tea. Designed with a focus on convenience & sustainability, the BRU Maker One only heats the exact amount of water you set, whether it's for a cup of tea or a whole pot! This simple but effective approach results in significant savings in energy and water consumption when making tea & boiling water.


Why the change is important

Cost and energy efficiency: By heating exactly the amount of water required, the BRU Maker One drastically reduces energy and water consumption compared to conventional kettles, where excess boiled water is often wasted. This is not only good for the planet, but also for your wallet: if you enjoy your tea regularly, the savings on ancillary costs are considerable over time!


Reduced carbon footprint: Lower energy consumption means a reduction in carbon emissions. If every tea drinker made this switch, the cumulative effect on reducing CO2 emissions would be significant.


Save water: Water is a precious resource, and conserving it is vital for us & our environment. The BRU Maker One ensures that not a drop is wasted and is in line with global efforts to save water.

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