Our "unfair" advantage on the road to success

U.S. Patent Granted! Our unfair advantage on road to success

The matter of patents

When our founder and CEO Bogdan Krinitchko first had the idea for the BRU Maker, he knew he had found something unique and groundbreaking for the tea market. As an experienced entrepreneur, he also knew that patents are crucial to secure the future of a start-up company. Dyson is a great example of a company whose hardware patents gave them such a unique or "unfair" advantage that they were the market leader in bagless vacuum cleaners for over two decades.

We have secured solid hardware patents in Europe, Eurasia and the USA that protect our unique pinch valve technology which is inspired by the biotech industry. This technology is critical to the cleaning function and durability of our tea brewing machines.

Intellectual property is an essential part of what makes a start-up successful, sets it above its competitors and thus establishes it in the long term.

We know the value of our idea and wanted to ensure that our intellectual property is protected from the outset, and through our hardware patent we have done that.

The BRU brand is also registered globally, another important factor that will help us to establish ourselves on the market in the long term.

Patents and trademarks are a very important step for us, as they not only protect our innovative technology and brand now, but will also be an advantage when we expand our market share in the future.

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