Unlock the Perfect Cup of Tea: The Importance of Temperature Control

Unlock the Perfect Cup of Tea: The Importance of Temperature Control BRU AG

Hey there, fellow tea enthusiasts! 🍵✨ Did you know that mastering the art of brewing tea is like conducting a symphony of flavors? And the secret ingredient to hitting all the right notes? Temperature control! Let's dive into the fascinating world of tea brewing and uncover why getting the temperature just right is absolutely tea-riffic!

Whether you're sipping on a delicate green tea, a bold black tea, a tranquil white tea, a captivating oolong, or an herbal infusion, each type of tea has its unique personality. And believe it or not, they all dance to a different temperature beat! 🌡️💃

Using scorching hot water for your tea can leave you with a bitter brew that'll make your taste buds go "Whoa! That's intense!" Not exactly what you were hoping for, right? On the flip side, lukewarm water will leave your tea feeling shy and reserved, like it's whispering "Can you taste me at all?" 🤫

But fear not! By embracing the magic of temperature control, you can unleash the full potential of your tea leaves and create a symphony of flavors. Green teas like to groove at around 70-85°C / 158-185°F, while black teas prefer a bolder dance at 90-100°C / 194-212°F. Oolongs, being the versatile performers they are, strut their stuff between 70°C - 80°C / 158°F - 176°F. And herbs? Well, they're free spirits that adore the boiling point, around 85-100°C / 185-212°F. 🎶💃

In the BRU Maker One we have programs for several tea varieties so you don't need to remember any of this! 👏👏 We designed our tea machines to elevate your tea experience. Because when it comes to tea brewing, it's about conducting a masterpiece of flavors with the perfect temperature harmony, and with our machine it comes down to just pressing a button— Cheers to a perfect cup of tea, and happy brewing! 🌟🫖

Remember, every tea has its own temperature rhythm, but so do our taste buds. We encourage you to be bold and try different settings to find the perfect balance that is right for you!


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