BRU professional tea maker white gold with a cup of read tea, on a table with papers and a hand writing on the papers

No capsules or pods

Tea at the touch of a button

Consistent taste

Prepared sustainably

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The BRU Maker One is not just a tea vending machine. Rather, it reflects our vision of how the preparation of tea should take place in the future

In life there are more than enough things to learn. The preparation of a delicious tea should not be part of it. We simplify tea preparation with the BRU Maker One So that you can focus more on the enjoyment of the tea instead of its preparation.

The importance of the correct water temperature, amount of water and brewing time is often underestimated. However, these factors have a huge impact on the taste of your tea. The correct handling of these parameters is often laborious and requires special knowledge. With the BRU Maker One, everyone (from absolute novice to experienced tea connoisseur) can get the most out of the tea. In addition, you can use any type of tea and tea form (loose or in a bag).

No capsules, no problem.

We firmly believe that tea has no place in a capsule! In addition to the unnecessary waste and often very high price, Kapseteemaschinen restrict you extremely in the selection of tea and force you to purchase only tea from a manufacturer.

It doesn't have to be...

Lineup in a 3x4 grid of different types of loose leaf tea, tea bags and fresh herbs

Brew what you want!

With us you decide what is brewed! Whether it's loose tea, tea in a bag or a fresh lemon-ginger infusion, just add the ingredients to the BRU Maker One, press the button and that's it. It has never been so easy to brew something delicious.

Constant taste

Another highlight of the BRU Maker One is that you can design your tea creation according to your preferences. The brewing time, water temperature and amount of water can be individually adjusted and stored. This way you get a perfect cup of tea every time, according to your taste.

Energy saving

Who doesn't know that .. More water is boiled than actually necessary. Millions of tons of CO₂ are wasted worldwide every year. Let's protect the environment and use the BRU Maker One to heat just as much water as you need for your cup.

Say "bye" to your kettle.


Tea machine and hot water dispenser in one. No room in the kitchen? No problem! With the BRU Maker One you can comfortably spend only hot water.

BRU automatic tea maker founders Filip and Bogdan standing behind a table with tea machines and teas

Developed by tea drinkers

We love tea and we want you to get the most out of your tea too.

Convenient prepared and without annoying capsules. Have fun with the BRU Maker One.


Filip & Bogdan, founder of BRU

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