The importance of a sustainability mindset

Tea is one of the most drunk beverages in the world. Britons alone drink approximately 100 million cups daily, which is almost 36 billion per year, say the International Tea Committee. A vast majority of tea drinkers around the globe use kettles, meaning an astronomical number of kettles are being boiled on the planet each day!

According to Chris Goodall, author of ‘How to Live a Low Carbon Life’, an electric kettle uses around 4% of a household’s annual electricity. That’s because people tend to boil twice as much water than they use, which is a waste of energy, water, money and your time. Especially, when it’s boiled again half an hour later to make a second cup of tea. The UK alone could be needlessly wasting around 3,500 tonnes of CO2 every day.

Packaging is also an environmental issue for most industries, including the tea market. In 2018, packaging waste generated was estimated at 174 kg per inhabitant in the EU (varying from 67.8 kg per inhabitant in Croatia and 227.5 kg per inhabitant in Germany), according to Eurostat.

The world needs more sustainable solutions.

At BRU we bring a sustainability mindset to everything we do - including our tea brewing machine and range of teas, how we choose our suppliers, down to the packaging of our products.

The BRU Maker only heats the amount of water you need for your cup of tea and at the temperature of your choosing- a smart solution to save water, energy and your time with no waste, no hassle.

When manufacturing our tea brewing machines and sourcing our tea, we look to partner with environmentally friendly organisations who value sustainability as highly as we do.

We take a responsible approach with our packaging and where at all possible use materials which reduce our environmental impact and ecological footprint. We try to source materials that can be recycled (for example cardboard), minimise the amount of plastic and we don’t use polystyrene.

We are a Swiss based company who cares about the global environment and believe taking concrete action to be more sustainable is something we must all work at. We hope you will join us on our journey.

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Mark H.

We can hardly wait to get up so we can enjoy our tea. It has been interesting to follow the development of this machine.

Mia S.

I love tea and the BRU will make it easier for me to make it every day.

John D.

Awesome looking machine, will use it to make my favorite green tea.