What are the contents of a BRU Maker One box?

Was beinhaltet der BRU Maker One Karton? BRU AG

The BRU Maker One Box contains following parts: 

  • BRU Maker One Machine 
  • Power cord (with the right outlet for your home country) 
  • Water tank 
  • Water tank lid 
  • Tea sieve 
  • Tea sieve lid 
  • Glass brewing chamber: there is a smaller section of cardboard inserts wrapped with tape in the box. This contains the glass brewing chamber. Handle witch care. To open, put the cardboard insert on a flat surface and carefully cut open the tape. 
  • Silicone nozzle (already installed) 
  • Magnetic drip tray 
  • Drip tray plate 
  • Reset pin 
  • User manual 

Watch our ‘before first use’-video to see what all these parts look like in the box.  

If your box arrives and any of these parts are missing or damaged, please contact customer support. 

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