How do I install a water filter in my BRU Maker One water tank?

Wie installiere ich einen Wasserfilter in meinem BRU Maker One Wassertank? BRU AG

The BRU Maker One is compatible with a CA6702 water filter. This filter does not come with the machine but can easily be purchased online.  

A water filter reduces limescale buildup in the machine and can help improve the taste of your tea. 


Here is how to install a water filter in your BRU maker One water tank: 

Step 1: Remove the water tank lid 

 Step 2: Make the rubber ring on the bottom part of the water filter wet by dipping it in water. 

 Step 3: Push the water filter firmly down onto the valve circle on the water tank. 

 Step 4: You can now fill the water tank with water, close the lid and start brewing! 

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