How do I descale the machine?

Wie kann ich die Maschine entkalken? BRU AG

Depending on how hard your water is, limescale will build up over time, and if you don’t descale the inside of your machine, this might affect your water flow and the taste of your tea. 

If you use the BRU Maker One daily, and you have moderately hard water, we recommend descaling every two to three months. If you have hard water, and you use the BRU Maker One intensively, descaling more frequently might be a good idea. If you see limescale build up in your water tank or around the white nozzles on the underside of the machine lid, that is a good indication that it is time to descale. 


What product to use for descaling 

For descaling, use any well-rated commercial descaler that is suitable for coffee machines. You can find these easily by googling “buy descaler for coffee machine” for example. Descalers usually come in liquid, powder or tablet form. 


How to descale 

Step 1: Empty your water tank. If you have a water filter installed in the tank, remove it from the tank. 

Step 2: Read all the instructions and safety warning on your descaler. in a separate container (like a jug or a bowl), make about 1.2 l / 40 oz of descaler fluid, following the instructions on your descaler packaging.   

Step 3: pour the descaler fluid into your water tank and make sure your tank is well installed on the machine.  

Step 4: go to the dispenser menu and set the settings to water temperature COLD and water amount infinity. Place a container that can hold up to 1.2 l /oz of fluid under the spout, and press START. Wait until all descaler fluid has went through the machine.  

Step 5: Open the machine lid. Check if the white circular nozzles on the underside of the lid still have limescale on them. If they still have limescale, you can soak a paper towel in descaler fluid and put the towel on the nozzles. Leave the soaked paper towel on the nozzles for about 15 min.   

(NOTE: we recommend you use household gloves for this step, as descalers might irritate the skin, please check your descaler package for this). 

 After that, remove the paper towel from the nozzles. Take a clean damp towel and wipe the nozzles.  

Step 6: If you feel like there is still too much limescale in the machine, you can put the descaler fluid that already went through the machine back into the water tank and repeat steps 3-6.  

Step 7: After 1 or 2 descaler cycles, dispose of the descaler liquid. Remove the water tank from the machine and clean it with water and dish soap, then rinse with fresh water. Fil the water tank all the way up with fresh water and re-install it onto the machine. 

Step 8: the machine should still be on the dispenser menu, with settings cold and infinity (if not, go there). Press START and wait until all the fresh water has ran through the machine. Dispose of the water. 

Step 9: take out the tea sieve and glass brewing chamber, and wash them in the dishwasher, or wash them by hand. Afterwards, put them back into the BRU Maker One. 

Step 10: your machine is now descaled and you can use it as before. 

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