Evening tea

For a restful sleep!

Find relaxation and tranquility with our specially compiled evening tea.


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Recommended settings

MAX (?? °C)


250 ml

Amount of water

? - ? min

Breeder time

1 ½ teaspoons (?g)


Experience the beneficial effects of selected herbs!

This soothing mixture withChamomile, peppermint and linden flowersInvites you to let the day end gently. Enjoy the beneficial effects of these herbs that soothe your senses and for aRestful night's sleepWorry. Slumber into a peaceful sleep with our evening tea, which gives you the necessary relaxation to start a new day relaxed.


Bromber leaves, chamomile flowers, strawberry leaves peppermint herb, blueberry leaves, lemon balm, hibiscus flowers, linden flowers, anise, birch leaves, marigold flowers, heather, fennel, hops