Quick brewing guide

Kurzanleitung für das Brühen BRU AG


Once your BRU Maker One is installed, here is the easiest way to make a cup of tea: 

  • Open the machine lid 
  • Remove the tea sieve from the machine.  
  • Put any loose leaf tea or tea bag in the sieve. Close the tea sieve lid and put the sieve back in the machine making sure the tea sieve handles are in the grooves. When using a tea bag, make sure the strings hangs over the tea sieve handle so that the string and the label are hanging outside of the machine. 
  • Close the machine lid. 
  • Put a cup on the drip tray. 

From here, you have different options to start brewing your tea, depending on the menu you choose. The easiest way is through the main menu, which we will explain in the next steps. The other menus will be explained here. 

  • Go to the main menu (If your machine is in stand-by, just push any button to re-activate) 
  • Look at the water temperature, steeping time and water amount settings in the main menu.
  •  If you are satisfied with your settings, press start or press the main button to start brewing. If you don’t know which settings to use, look on the package of your tea or use our recommended settings 

To adjust your settings, do the following: 

  • Press the left button to select SETUP. 
  • Set your water temperature by turning the main button. Press NEXT. 
  • Set your steeping time by turning the main button. Press NEXT. 
  • Set your water amount by turning the main button. Make sure you don’t select a bigger water amount than your cup can hold. Press NEXT. 
  • Press START or press the main button to start brewing.  


  • The BRU Maker One will start brewing your tea. You will see the countdown on the display.  
  • Wait until your machine makes a noise and your tea is served. Enjoy! 
  • Be careful with opening the machine lid directly after brewing. There can be some hot steam and the tea sieve can be hot.  
  • After making a cup of tea or before brewing a new one, take the tea sieve out, remove the loose leaf tea or tea bag and rinse with a bit of water, and a bit of dish soap if needed. More about cleaning the machine here. 

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