BRU Maker One: care

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Wie reinige ich die Maschine und deren Komponenten? BRU AG

How do I clean the machine and its parts?

The machine and its parts will need to be cleaned regularly.  Firstly, it is important to note two things:  Never use abrasive detergents, solvents or abrasive cleaning supplies (like me...

Kann ich Ersatzteile kaufen? BRU AG

Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes, there are replacements available for the following parts of the BRU Maker One:  Tea sieve and tea sieve lid  Glass brewing chamber  Silicone nozzle  They will be shortly ...

Wie kann ich die Maschine entkalken? BRU AG

How do I descale the machine?

Depending on how hard your water is, limescale will build up over time, and if you don’t descale the inside of your machine, this might affect your water flow and the taste of your tea.  If yo...

Wie kann ich die Silikondüse herausnehmen, reinigen oder ersetzen? BRU AG

How do I remove, clean and replace the silicone nozzle?

The silicone nozzle is the little black ‘spout’ from which your tea is served, sitting underneath your glass brewing chamber.   We recommend cleaning the silicone nozzle once every month,...